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in afghanistatn and pakistan is on the way to defeat. >> president obama with the marines this week. osama bin laden is gone, but his number two man is still around, and so is his personal assistant, who has planned an attack on american targets, leading to the closing of 19 embassies and the stat department has ordered nonessenential staff to leave te u.s. consulate and issued a travel warning. colby, the game is not over. >> the game is not over and raises questions about the information that led to the decision and how we got it. it goes back to the mega-data that has been gathered. does it suggest there is value in what they have done? the activity that we have been reading about -- there is fruit from it that allows them to take the action they have taken? the threat has not gone away. >> how about this -- we do not want another benghazi? is that the message? >> it islear part ofof the motivation was because of benghazizi, the embarrassment, e fact the sto will not go away and we dnot have explanations as to why the warnings were ignored, etc., but there is a larger problem in that al qae
. >> an escalating situation in the world's eyes. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> president obama is asking for support for military action. he's still weighing his reaction to the response of the use of chemical weapons. the white house has just released this photograph of the president latest. danielle? >> while president obama says he that hasn't made any official decisions on new details about the attack syria, an attack is danielle leigh and more like a question of latest. when, not if. president obama is considering a limited attack. >> a military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long-term campaign. >> reporter: obama is steadfast, something must be done. >> the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry revealed unclasfied intelligence indicating that the syrian regime prepared for the chemical attack for days and that the attacks targeted these congested neighborhoods after being launched from areas controlled by assad, killing more than 1400 people.
terror groups are a potential danger to u.s. citizens throughout that country. >> and president obama is likely to be questioned about the global terror threat at a pre-vacation news conference today at the white house. he already knows to expect questions about the growing strain on the relationship with russia. >> we had a lot of fish to fry, if you will, with the russians. >> one op one meeting with president vladimir putin during a trip to russia next month, we're going to have a lot more that coming up in a live report at 6:30. >> a woman is in custody after police say she abducted her own sons and then led them on an hours-long manhunt. the two boys are now back in protective custody this morning. our john gonzalez has more on this developing story. he is live outside of d.c. police headquarters in northwest washington. john? >> jummy, a possible child abuse case turned abduction. this morning we're told the two boys are safe and sound but still a lot of questions this morning. this was a seven-hour manhunt and it all started, of all places, at children's hospital here in the di
with d.c.'s fire and ems department could have put the health of president and obama and the first lady at risk. we have learned the ambulance scheduled to accompany president obama, broke down, which led to multiple problems. >> as president obama travels to and from the white house, the number one concern of his motorcade is keeping the president safe. one critical constant is a d.c. fire zms ambulance, typically medic one, trailing behind in the event of a medical emergency. but on august 8th as the president and first lady were leaving to celebrate mr. obama's 50 second birthday, medic one ran out of gas. >> fire officials concerned that the vehicle was towed to apparatus division and is now being repaired off site. the crew should have but did not fill up the tank thatdy. sources say the bigger issue is the fuel gauge had been broken for months and had not been repaired. >> why did it run out? was it a faulty gas gauge. how long did they know. >> for months d.c. councilman has been critical of the department for not quickly addressing a fleet in disrepair. >> this is just an exampl
as a multination effort. president obama worked the phones lining up allies to help strike syria. britain sounds on board. >> it's about chemical weapons, the use is wrong. >> reporter: the french say they are ready. u.n. investigators have not finished their work in syria neighborhoods where hundreds of civilians died but president obama no longer questions if chemical weapons were used or by whom. >> it's not around the question whether or not the syrian regime was responsible it's around the question what's the appropriate response. >> reporter: the purported response is three days of strikes by cruise missiles. >> we can make it punishing, we can direct it to how they carried out these attacks by degrading their may feel capability, air capability. >> reporter: four u.s. carriers are ready in the mediterranean. snibl it's unconstitutional. >> reporter: he demands that president obama call a joint session of congress to get authorization but fears he won't. >> this is not right. it's not a democratic issue or a republican issue. >> reporter: the white house says it's consulting congressional
., thousands are again gathered at the lincoln memorial. president obama was just 2 years old at the time. now he's one of the three presidents who will speak today. hi, everyone, good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm richard jordan in for barbara harrison. it's wednesday, august 28, and we have live coverage of the 50th anniversary. at the lincoln memorial, a monumental event is planned. what kind of crowd are we seeing now? >> reporter: good morning. the crowds are starting to build here, slowly but surely. you might be able to see over my shoulder some of the invited guests are gathering just below the steps of the linken elinco memorial. the numbers are relatively small. if you compare it to the event that was here on saturday. at this point. but we are seeing more people come. they're having to go through security as they enter the grounds here. a lot of folks have umbrellas up. the numbers are growing as we go through the late part of the morning here. we'll expect this program will start in just the next few minutes. we'll begin with an invocation, as you might imagine. first to
obama started his vacation, he went to orlando to speak of the disabled veterans convention announcing a benefitsative to get to veterans. richard reeve is live with more on that. >> the president told a convention that he will fight for them to help reduce red tape and processing time for benefits. business program is underway to help veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan. veterans of 9/11, this is a world away form the battlefield. a return home is never easy. job, nocome home to no family that can support them. >> he returned to the u.s. in february after his first two were in afghanistan. readjusting to civilian life and finding a good job are difficult challenges. >> having challenges and difficulties reintegrating back into the community. >> the unemployed a rate for these veterans, post on 11 vets have a 7.7% unemployment rate compared to the overall 7.4% rate. that is where the fun comes in. -- that is where the fund comes in. it is not just jobs. canceling is available. that's can receive benefits. >> we are not where we need to be. we are making progress breed >>
years after dr. king called upon america to let freedom ring. president obama honored those who marched for all that we have today but he also said the march isn't over. >> the universe may bend toward justice but it doesn't bend on its own. to secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance not complacency. whether by challenging those who erect new barriers to the vote or ensuring that the scales of justice work equally for all in the criminal justice system is not simply a pipeline from under funded schools to over crowded jails. it requires vigilance. tonight we have new reaction to the president's speech and all of the day's events. we'll go to the martin luther king memorial now with more. >> reporter: vance, at this hour there are still a number of people that are out visiting the sites and visiting this particular memorial. this evening a number of people trying to relish, trying to bask in all of the day's events and remembering and standing in awe of what one man helped begin and where our country has come since then. the anniversary of the march on washingt
, president obama had this to say. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. there were other avenues available for somebody whose conscience was stirred. >> reporter: mr. obama outlined new measures to reform the secret surveillance programs that snowden revealed, saying he would have done it anyway. >> i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. >> reporter: and this weekend, julian assange took issue with the administration, saying, quote, reforms have been made and for that, edward snowden is owed a debt of gratitude. others say he's only earned his felony charges. david? >> susan, thank you. >>> and tonight, after that al qaeda threat that shut down nearly two dozen u.s. embassies around the world, all but one have now reopened. in yemen, where that threat originated, the doors do remain blocked tonight and abc's muhammad lila is in cairo tonight. >> reporter:ood evening, david. several of the embassies have now reopened and that includes the massive sprauming american embassy here in cairo, which still sits very heavily fort
to politics. president obama has started his eight-day summer vacation on martha's vineyard. he and michelle boarded a flight yesterday. >> meanwhile, the race to replace president obama in iowa appears unbelievably to be in full swing even though the election is more than three years out. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of "this week." i've never been good at math. i think we have 29 months before the election. what is going on? >> but it's only two years until the iowa straw poll. that's why everybody's out there. >> two years. >> iowa, the first caucus state. we know how important it is. it launched president obama back in 2008. and this is a wide open race, particularly on the republican side. what was so interesting about what was happening in iowa, a lot of contenders out there, ted cruz out there, his second or third trip to iowa. rick santorum going again. remember he did so well last time by visiting every county. they know this is a big prize on the republican side and no heir apparent. on the democratic side, a rally for hillary clinton. claire mccaskill out there she's
with contenders, barack obama and hillary clinton. so far he has not ruled out a 2016 run. >> hanging out with grandma may be key to a sound mind. researchers say spending time with the grandparents is good for your mental health. when adults and grandparents have a strong emotional relationship. strong relationships outside of the nuclear family were vital to staying mentally healthy. >> president obama is full vacation mode, week long visit to martha's vineyard. >> for president obama, vacation reporters allowed a rare shot of the president on the course. maybe the first dufer was feeling pressure. three putted the first hole. no word on the president's score. group took his time. hoo was on the course for five hours. was he wearing shorts. he was wearing shorts. surprised by that. >> people have a hard time at golf period. when you add cameras, or just one pool camera. >> positively. >> it's tough. >> recent jfk videos, of his swing. best swing of any president i have ever seen. probably knew nobody would see the videos for a long. >> obama can shoot hoops. he can play. did you see tha
j. he is strong. he could lift chris christi. president obama, i asked him if he had read 50 shades of grey, you can't beat it. >> you and whoopi walked off on bill o'reilly. >> he made a statement about muims which annoyed me. my body jumped out of the seat. >> you had some big uds, rosie and elizabeth. >> defend your own iinuations. >> a standout moment w when they got on tv. >> would you ever write a tell- all? >> never. >> no. >> 10 years down theine? >> it's not my thing. >> tell it to my facing. >> what am i doing next is the next question? >> you know? >> how about porn for the blind. it's so crazy, it might work. >> joy's former co-host, elizabeth hasselbeck, as you know is heading to fox news. now we're hearing megan kelly is about to land a plum primetime slot. a soce says she is the new face of cable news. so, renee, you were with jodie foster last night. she just played hero for her friend, jamie lee curtis, right? >> she told me what really happened when jamie lee got into a bad car accident. i talked to her at the premiere of her movie. >> she loves to meet her fans an
the nsa programs would have happened. gate, president obama announced a series of reforms for the controversy all nsa surveillance program. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> including a civil liberties officer at the nsa, a high-level commission to review the intelligence program, and coordination with congress to review the program that collects telephone records. >> it is not enough for me as president to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence in them as well. >> the president insisted the changes would have taken place even if edward stone in -- even if edward snowden did not leak the nsa programs. >> i think we would have gotten to the same place. >> but do the surveillance reforms vindicate snowden? he has been charged with three felonies, it and if you think c is innocent, the president said he should return to the u.s. and stand trial. >> there were other avenues available for somebody's tensions were stirred and thought they needed to question government actions. week, the white house said edward snowden was a factor
in the middle east and he north africa earlier in week. president obama will hold a press conference today. >> that's right. he's expected to answer a number of questions before he goes on vacation, anywhere from terror threats to frosty relations with russia. we go to brianne carter with more. bri. >> good morning to you, jummy and scott. that's right, we haven't heard much from the president on a number of these issues but we expect that will all change later this afternoon. he has scheduled a press conference here in the oval office at the white house and we expect he'll talk about a host of issues including this latest terror alert as well as the relationship between the united states and russia. as you may recall earlier this week president obama cancelling his one-on-one meeting with russian president vladimir putin. white house officials said at the time a lack of, quote, significant progress on a wide array of critical issues between the two countries as the reason. we do expect he will expand on that later today. now, one issue, of course, is that of syria. we know the two leaders
in syria. they criticize president obama for considering intervening. some say it looks similar to the situation ain iraq ten years ag. >>> in a conference call tonight, chuck hagel and the national security advisories briefed house and senate leaders and cited intercepted communications as the syrian government used chemical weapons in that attack last year. after the call, top democratics were generally supportive of the president and republicans said he needs to do more to make the case to the public. >>> the british parliament sharply rejected any intervention on their part tonight. that is a blow to prime minister david cameron who promised his support. >> it's clear to me that the british parliament does not want to see british military action. i get that and the government will act accordingly. >> the obama administration says any attack on syria would be ou public tomorrow. >>> a man in maryland went to get in his car and found his driver's side door was missing. thieves managed to steal it in the middle of the night. and his car wasn't the only one they targeted. >> rep
the department. >> as president obama travels to and from the white house, the number one concern of his motorcade is keeping the president safe. one critical constant is an ambulance, trained in the event of a medical emergency. on august 8, as the president and first lady were leaving the white house to celebrate mr. obama's 52nd birthday, medic one ran out of gas. fire officials say the vehicle was towed and is being repaired out of sight. fire officials say the crew should have but did not fill up the tank that day. sources say the fuel gauge had been broken for months and had not been repaired. >> why did it run out of gas? did it have a faulty gas gauge? >> for months, tommy wells has been critical of the department for not correcting a fleet in disrepair. >> this highlights that we are not where we need to be. >> according to an official press report, the ambulance left at 5:30. another ambulance was dispatched and arrived at the white house at 6:58959, nearly 20 minutes later. long n, the motorcade was gone. when the motorcade left, multiple sources say medic 7 was ot in the moto
story involving talks of an air strike against syria. president obama is making a case right now to act on syria's alleged use of chemical weapons. white house officials are getting ready to meet with members of congress. news 4 steve hand lzman live with the for and against u.s. intervention. >> it's going to be a teleconference, the president not involved. defense secretary hagel and john kerry and a small number of lawmakers, that's part of the political problem the president has got. there are no plans to call congress back for a full debate and vote on syria and that bothers some who say our nation needs to talk this out. america is divided involve in raleigh, calls for a strike on syria but the opposite view in charlotte. >> we should keep our nose out of other people's business. >> president obama warned last night on pbs that americans are in danger from what he charges the syrian government used. >> chemical weapons, they could have devastating affects could be aimed at us. >> reporter: one says the evidence has to go public before any u.s. attack. >> when we take what is a ver
snowden temporary asylum. mr. obama said a paul's was needed. as for snowden? >> i don't think he was a patriot. if he in fact leaves what he did is right, then like every american citizen, he can appear before the court with a lawyer and make his case. a the president announced four-point plan for addressing concerns about the nsa surveillance program, including an outside panel to look at the situation and report act by the end of the year. he said it is not enough for him to have confidence in the system. the mayor can people must have it, too. guys question ma? >> the nsa leaks have led to surveillance changes in germany. say they willers automatically encrypt customers e-mails. budget telecom ceo said that germans are startled by the information. it is not clear if the german security services would have a key to decrypt e-mails. >> shortly before president obama's news conference about the nsa, he signed legislation into law to temporarily reduce rates on government student loans. interest rates will go down to 3.86% for undergraduates, 5.41% for graduate students. the new r
hillary clinton's ambitions. >> the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. >> a standing o for presiden obama. >> welcome back, sir. it's good to be back. >> president obama making his sixth appearance on the "tonight show," bringing in the show's highest ratings since the last time he appeared nine months ago. the presidential motorcade seen making its way to the burbank studios. inside, president obama presenting him with a gift. >> this is what i drive in. >> the 44th president talked about turning 52. >> how did you celebrate sunday? >> i had a bunch of friends come over who i don't see that often tto try to play a little basketball. it was a sad state of affairs. >> really? >> yes. >> opening up about his recent lunch with his former rival, hillary clinton. >> who invited who? >> i invited her. we had a great time. by the end of my first term, we had become genuinely close. i could not ve more respect for her. >> they joked about her rumored 2016 presidential run. >> did she measure the drapes? >> keep in mind, she has been there before. she doesn't have to measure the
of a militia group in libya. >> president obama will travel to russia for an international summit but will not meet with vladimir putin. the state department explained why the one-on-one has been canceled. analysts say the white house calculated the meeting was not worth the criticism the president would face at home. political pressure is coming from republicans and democrats. officials say they are disappointed the meeting is often they say the invitation is still on the table. >> defense attorneys have told the judge in the trial of the admitted shooter they want off the case unless they can offer a defense. hassan is trying --get himself represented the death penalty. military law does not allow a guilty plea in a death penalty case. the fbi is investigating a suspicious sentence -- a substance found at elijah cummings's baltimore office. they found a party-like substance outside the front door. a bomb technician determined it was not explosive material and there was no active threat. >> bob mcdonald has turned to controversyp repay loans from a campaign backer. the governor r
, they come just 24 hours after president obama weighed in, too, saying that gay athletes should simply bring home the gold. here's abc's kirit radia. >> reporter: today, thousands turned out at demonstrations across europe. many calling for more protests when russia hosts the winter olympics next year in sochi. on friday, president obama added his voice. >> and if russia doesn't have gay and lesbian athletes, then it will probably make their team weaker. >> reporter: the law is so broadly defined, just speaking about homosexuality or wearing rainbow colors in public could lead to fines, deportation, even jail. some are now calling for a boycott of the sochi games. president obama rejected that idea. >> one of the things i am really looking forward to is maybe some gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze. >> reporter: some openly gay athletes also oppose a boycott. >> when you practice and you train for 15, 20 years of your life, you essentially, this is your golden moment. >> reporter: in the u.s., a movement to boycott russian products, including vodka, is growin
. you probably have not heard the last of this one. obama took part in an outing while vacationing in martha's vineyard. he played golf with a top aide, the white house chef and another friend. not have any planned public appearances but will continue to receive his daily briefings on national security issues while on vacation. the weather is perfect for golf and other activities, but what is in store? >> we are looking at a quiet evening ahead, and that's good news if you're looking forward to the meteor showers as we move through the overnight hours. we will talk about that in a few minutes. the doppler radar is mainly quiet and dry with a few showers popping up to the west of harrisonburg. but it will not amount to much as we move through the evening hours. amateurs are quite comfortable. the eveningthrough hours, temperatures will eventually fall into the upper 70s to low and middle 80s. we cannot rule out the chance for a shower or two and a rumble of thunder well south of the ecb dead ec metro. to get chilly around here. we haven't said that for a long time. >> thank you. com
will also remain close. >> president obama a trip to florida. he announced institutions to help veterans get degrees and with their job search. over is a controversy backlogs. wetoday i can report that are not where we need to be, but we are making progress. we are making progress. [applause] years, the backlog kept going. finally the backlog has shrunk. in the past five months, it is down 20%. we are turning the tide. >> after that event, the president and the first lady will go to martha's vineyard where they will be patient for the next few days. ribbon fund is hosting an event this weekend at the gaylord hotel at the 7% ofal harbor. more than veterans returning home from the battlefield are unemployed. the yellow ribbon fund is helping to close that gap by putting returning soldiers and their families in touch with resources in the communities. >> after about three or four years in afghanistan and iraq, there are challenges and difficulties with reintegrating back into the community. >> congress created the yellow ribbon fund back in 2008. the event at gaylord is hosting 700 returning so
to the growing political tension between the u.s. and russia. president obama has canceled a meeting with russian president putin, which had been scheduled for next month. relations between the two countries have been going south for a while now, over a number of disagreements. but russia's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden appears to be the final straw. >>> testimony resumes this morning after nearly a day-long recess in the military trial of the man who had carried out the deadly ft. hood shooting rampage. nidal hasan is representing himself. but they said hasan was not putting up a defense. the attorneys want the judge to change the rules they work under. >>> the cleveland house where three women were held captive for ten years has been destroyed. among those watching the demolition yesterday, was survivor michelle knight. she released yellow balloons to represent the millions of children who have gone missing or died in captivity. >> nobody was there for me when i was missing. and i want the people out there to know, including the mothers, that they can have strength. they can have h
to go back to what president obama said about him not being a patriot. it was the voice of the american revolution, thomas payne who said it was someone who saves his country from his government. we heard about the alleged disasters that would ensue because of what edward has done. back to the bradley manning case, at the damage phase, the united states conceded not one person has been injured and impaired because of of what he disclosed. >> what was your reaction when you heard the president he's not a patriot? >> i would say, again, i think he was put in a tough spot. there's many questions that should have been asked that were not. i would have liked to see them ask about the dea special operation division, many other things, his treatment of whistle blowers. but if he's a patriot or others like peter king who says he's a traitor, what i would say is my son has spoken the truth. he sacrificed more than the president of the united states or peter king have ever in their political careers and their american lives. how they choose to characterize him really isn't -- >> you're not open t
are worried the terrorists will set their sights on a soft target, like a hotel. now, president obama is expected to address these threats at a white house press conference later today. his last day in washington before heading out to martha's vineyard for vacation. john? >> kristin fisher in washington, thanks very much. >>> stay with abc news for the latest on the terror threat. we'll carry the president's news conference live from the white house. >>> after his news conference, the president meets with secretary of state john kerry. kerry is getting together today with his russian counterpart. the meeting comes two days after president obama canceled a summit meeting with president vladimir putin. the case of leaker edward snowden is on the agenda. >>> another major story this morning. the threat of more flooding hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had
committee held a briefing to talk about it. the white house announced president obama will deliver a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial to commemorate the historic day. the original march on august 28, 1963 brought thousands of people to the nation's capital and culminated with dr. martin luther king, junior's famous "i have a dream" speech. the blockage was discovered during the annual physical. a stent was inserted to prop open the artery. the former president is doing great and is expected to resume his normal schedule by tomorrow. bein six hours someone could richer. it stands at $425 million. i have powerball fever. do you have your ticket? people are still coming into the store on capitol hill hoping they end up with those coveted winning numbers because it could earn them hundreds of millions of dollars. how are you? >> when the powerball jackpot is million, why not ? >> it was 90. she had it wrong but that is because glenn edwards was aching about what she and her coworkers will do if their numbers,. there probably will not be anyone there tomorrow. so the winningn ticket i
fulfill a death wish. that exchange prompted them to close the courtroom. >> and president obama will not meet face to face with russian president vladimir put tin next month. the white house abruptly canceled the summit many that was scheduled to take place in moscow, and he says it is the lack of -- >> . >> mcdonald refinanced his home and restructures loans on other properties and this comes as he repays johnny williams senior. those gifts total more than $150,000. documents show the transaction, but does not show if the money was used to repay williams. >> and some more news, metro riders faced two of the project is finally underway. phase two will extend the line to dulles. crews are now doing some survey work, to take place daily from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night. that work is not expected to impact traffic or parking. >> 44:00 t, those numbers continue to have a nice slow steep incline, don't they? >> i know, we started to low this week. we are going to get past the 84-degreings today, and make it to near 90. but we have to get through between now and then. a fe
. president obama does not plan any official public appearances while and he is vacationing. we got to see the president playing golf with friends. receivee house will daily briefings while and he vacations with his family. it is a good time to be here in washington. let's check in with meteorologist steve -- way.anges are on the tracking a thunderstorm to the north and west of d.c. on our super doppler radar. is wherelvania, that we have showers now. a few breaks in the clouds may allow you to see a little bit of a meteor shower tonight. could see up to 100 and our. away from city lights is the best place to be. the best place to look, mainly north and east. in about an hour or so. here is your wake-up forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. gio lower 70's. tomorrow, humid day and a stronger cold front on the way is going to bring a chill to the air. look at the extended outlook. all you need to know in a few minutes. >> thanks, steve. tomorrow we will hold -- we will find out who holds the winning powerball ticket worth $1 million. the giants food store on columbia heights --
experts are worried they'll set their sights on a soft target like a hotel. president obama will address a preference today, his last day before going on vacation to martha's vineyard. >> two young boys in protective custody after police say their mother abducted them. the two boys went missing from children's hospital in gaithersburg. they were taken there after one of them appeared to have bruises. the two brothers were found safe with their mother several hours later. the mother is in custody. >> d.c. police confirmed a shooting is a homicide now. this happened last night in the 4100 block of wheeler road in southeast. a 31-year-old man was shot and killed. police are looking for an adult wearing a white tee shirt and red cap. taking a look now at business headlines, more cable tv customers are fed up with cable bills and looking elsewhere. >> our military may be getting a new look in the uniform department. linda bell joins us live from bloomberg headquarters in new york with these stories. good morning, linda. >> good morning to you, jummy and scott. right now there are 10 different
and russia is about to take center stage before the nation. president obama will hold a news conference tomorrow and the major topic is expected to be the strained relations which may be at its worst since the cold war. now more on what we could expect from the president. >> he's been wherever talking to leno and talking to the marine corpse. but when it comes to talking to the press, the president has been exceptionally tight lipped. >> i'm going to be having a press conference tomorrow so ask that question tomorrow. >> tomorrow is his annual vacation press conference, one he will need because white house editor expects reporters to go deep. >> a lot of the questions reporters have been waiting to ask they will ask tomorrow. >> especially about the president's deliberate snub of vladimir putin. >> the two were to meet face to face until they granted asylum to edward snowden. >> the president said he was frustrate ppeded and cancelled the summit. >> with 19 embassies and consulates closed through saturday, expect the president to be peppered with questions on whether al qaeda still main
is defunded, we shouldn't approve the government funding. president obama took that on friday. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail. their number one priority. the one unifying principle. that's the only thing that seemed to get the president really riled up on friday. he says it's an ideological fixation. how does it play out? do you believe that faction is going to succeed in pushing the leaders to hold the line? >> that's a false narrative. he says we're trying to keep people from getting health care. that's just not true. that's an absolute, blatant lie. we're not trying to keep anybody from getting health care. whether or not they have insurance under an exchange or not does not prevent people from getting health care. >> want to take that on? >> sure. the fact is you have millions and millions of americans who can't afford health insurance. it's helping people get health insurance. republicans have offered no other solutions or plans. >> we have -- >> but at this point, it's just ideology. it's just ext
that president obama called to wish him well. a white house spokesperson said they spoke on wednesday. president obama was said to be happy to hear that mr. bush was on the mend. tuesday, surgeons inserted a stent to open a blocked artery in his heart. of threet, the first winners from last night's huge powerball jackpot. the winning ticket sold in new jersey and minnesota. late this afternoon, paul white came forward in roseville, minnesota, to claim the first part of the prize. he says he does not mind having to split the pot three ways. >> well, i think i can get by. we will see. it's a big deal. >> there were no jack tickets in our area, there is a $1 million winner in annandale, sold at the giant food store. >> next, a major move by the railroad companies behind last month's dead >> a judge has granted to thetcy protection u.s. railway whose runaway train crashed into a small town in quÉbec, killing nearly 50 people. the judge expressed disgust at the montrÉal railway's behavior. he called the action deplorable. >> a dangerous railroad crossing in gainesville will soon be shut down, but i
of a potential jury pool. >> reporter: just friday, president obama had this to say. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. there were other avenues available. >> reporter: mr. obama outlined new measures to reform the programs snowden revealed saying he would have done it anyway. >> i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. >> this weekend, julian assange took issue with the administration saying reforms are being made therefore edward snowden is owed a debt of gratitude. others say he ernl harned his f charges. >> taxi passengers in norway had a candid camera moment when they realized the country's leader behind the taxi wheel. the prime minister says the point was to find out what people think. itch there is one place where people say what they think it's in a taxi. he is right about that. >> looks like brainiacs in the family are getting more parents time and money than kids who dent do well in school. a study found that parents were likely to enroll high performing kids in extra couric lar activities, and share meals and network w
tonight, thanks. >>> as the obama administration amps up the rhetoric for possible military action against syria, a lot of americans are focused on other things, like the dwindling days of summer. is there support for a military strike? nbc's kevin tibbles went to the minnesota state fair today to see how all this is playing out far from washington. >> reporter: as the late summer heat wave beats down, folks head for the midway, cotton candy, corn dogs, corn on the cobb, ice cream, even pickles on a stick. today is also military appreciation day, many vets and their families now worry about alleged chemical attacks in syria. now, what to do with syria, that's the question nobody has the answer. >> chemical weapons? >> that's awful. nobody should use that. >> should the united states do anything about this? >> i would like to see them do something, because i think if we don't do something, it's going to turn. >> somebody's got to do something about it. >> to me it should be with the allies, otherwise we're going to get involved with something we don't want to get involved in. >> many fair g
>> on the broadcast tonight the strongest casor on syria. the obama administration calling president assad a thug and murder for chemical attacks on his own people. secretary of state john kerry laying out the intelligence for a war-fatigued nation. >> some cite the risk of doing things, we need to ask, what is the risk of doing nothing? >> tonight, u.s. warships are in position. will the president give the order to strike? "nightly news" begins now. [ music playing ] . >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is is nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. >> i'm lester holt in for brian williams. the signal couldn't be clearer. the united states will not let the use of chemical weapons go unpunished. the president has not made a final course of action, but the case for a u.s. military attack was spelled out in no uncertain terms by secretary of state john kerry. like a prosecutor, making an impassioned closing argument to a jury, kerry today made a point by point assessment of the evidence of syria and warning of the consequences should the world turn a blind e
will end soon. clayton, thank you. >>> switching gears to all of the chatter about president obama, showing a different and interesting side of his personality, in a high-profiled moment. in front of the assembled press corps on friday afternoon, the president was cutting loose with candid comments about everybody from vladimir putin, to michelle obama. jeff is here with more. >> reporter: we saw hints of frustration and defiance from the president. after a challenging summer in washington, it was that series of unscripted moments that offered a deeper window into what he's really thinking. >> good afternoon, everybody. please have a seat. >> reporter: in the running commentary, president obama held nothing back. on russian president vladimir putin -- >> he has that slouch, looking like a board kid in the back of the classroom. >> reporter: on the new anti-gay law, through olympic medals. >> one of the things i'm looking forward to is gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze. if russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes, it will probably make their team weaker.
.s. and brazil. >> president obama formerly orders the director of national intelligence to set up a outside review board to analyze the government's surveillance techniques. now the president also ordered him to have the board report its findings no later than december 15th. president announced the boards creation at a knew conference last week. >> it is 6:37, and 75 degrees outside. still ahead here, we have incredible video of a gas line exploding. >> also, ahead, solving the mystery after a priest seemed to come from nowhere to pray at a missouri crash scene, and then just hi. in frederiksberg virginia. >> we have gather as few of our friends to say. >> "good morning washington." >> yeah! good morning to you as well. we here, we want to honor some of the young heros in our area. >> we are giving away $1,000 grants to children who are passionate about improving their communities. to be eligible you have to be between the age of five and 18. /summer heros to apply. the deadline is september 1st. >> yes, we have had showers and even some thunderstorms. most of us now is going to be confined
. police are investigating what caused the crash. >>> let's hope president obama's golf game improves as he enjoys vacation on martha's vineyard. got off to a rough start. he rolled the first attempt on the first green. and left that short. and then, oh, that second one. oh, boy. you know, if the president -- he picks it up after that one. >> does he get a mulligan? >> the president gets whatever he wants. >> a rough foursome there. not like he wasn't trying. that is body english. >> is that a move to get it in? >> apparently. boy, hey, president obama, if we play, you can pick that up. that's all i'm saying. >> wise move. wise move. >> who wants cameras watching them on the golf course. >> i can't do it when one guy and a raccoon is watching. >>> now we turn to the wet weather leading to flooding in so many parts of the country. and more rain expected, again today. ginger zee is in for sam this morning with a look at that. the colorado springs area hit so hard is also in the zone again? >> right, that same town, manitou springs. this is right now. they'll be under watch this afternoon and
week "on the money." president obama took his economic show on the road this week pitching housing reform in phoenix. mr. obama called the winding down the fannie mae and freddie mac which hold most of the mortgages are in the united states. he called for a limited government role and increase in private lending in the housing market. >> for too long these companies were allowed to make huge profits buying mortgages knowing that if their best went bad, taxpayers would be left holding the bag. >> meanwhile the markets broke a three-day slide on thursday catching their breath and consolidating a bit. it was the longest losing streak in more than a month. the markets fell on friday. earnings season is winding down. disney beat analysts' expectations though its venues fell short. 21st century fox had its first earnings report since it split newscorp. the company beat expectations as did aol and time warner. a poor performance for many small cars in an important safety test. half of the vehicles tested by the insurance institute for highway safety did not do well. nissan sentra was rate
're learning this morning it was president obama himself who canceled his summit meeting with vladimir putin, saying it just wasn't worth it. and abc's jonathan karl is in washington with the very latest here. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. well, the president's decision to cancel that summit with vladimir putin comes as u.s./russian relations are at their frostiest since the cold war. they clashed over syria. now, the relationship is even worse. the last time a u.s. president canceled a planned meeting in russia was 1960, the height of the cold war, before even the cuban missile crisis. putin has carefully crafted his image as a russian strongman. showing off his physique on horseback, dominating foes in the hockey rink and on the judo mat. and just last month, some mighty big fish. even perfected the art of the icy stare. >> that seems to be his preferred style in press conferences. sitting back and not looking too excited. >> reporter: in cancelling the moscow summit, the white house cited not only the decision to grant asylum to edward snowden. but also, a lon
embassies and consulates earlier this week. president obama is expected to address these security concerns at a news conference this afternoon. and abc news will be covering it live. >>> there's new developments overnight in the manhunt of a california kidnapping suspect, who is believed to be on the run with his 16-year-old victim. authorities have revealed an alarming possibility that the suspect's car may be booby-trapped. brandi hitt is covering this story. >> reporter: evidence found in the remain of james dimaggio's home, suggest he may be carrying homemade explosives. he's accused of kidnapping 16-year-old hannah anderson sunday, after allegedly killing her mother, possibly her brother, and setting fire to his southern california home. he is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa. more than 100 tips have poured in since amber alerts have included oregon, washington and nevada. dimaggio is a friend of the andersons. and detectives say he may have developed an infatuation, a crush on hannah. a statewide amber alert was sent to every cell phone in california. but no confirmed sight
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